Supporting the University of Oregon

The University of Oregon Foundation is a nonprofit corporation responsible for administering private gifts made to further the University's mission. Although the Foundation is a separate entity from the University, the Foundation's sole reason for existence is to partner with the University and serve in our donors' best interests. We are committed to the highest standards of service and ethical conduct when it comes to managing donor's gifts for the benefit of the University. Donors entrust the Foundation with fiduciary oversight of their charitable gifts and, in turn, we hold in confidence the details of that giving and other related information.

Since 1922, the Foundation has received, invested, and distributed private gifts, funding student scholarships, faculty support, academic programs, and building improvements. The Board approved investment strategy and distribution rate are designed to provide stable financial support for the University while preserving the purchasing power of endowment and trusts funds in the future. The Foundation ensures that all University spending of donor money is consistent with the donor's intention.

Ensuring the management of donor gifts is a tremendous responsibility that every board member and every staff person take very seriously. It factors into every major decision the Foundation and its Board make, whether that decision will affect the University today or not for many years to come.

Core Values

The Foundation applies several important core values to our everyday interactions with colleagues, trustees, and donors. We base our business decisions and communications on the priorities of:

Trust - tell the truth
Respect - be nice
Integrity - do the right thing
Commitment - follow through


Foundation responsibilities include:
  • Receipting and acknowledging donor gifts
  • Directing gifts to separately identifiable funds based on the purpose from the donor
  • Handling donor information with respect and confidentiality to the extent provided by law
  • Making regular reports to donors
  • Responding to donor questions with prompt, truthful and forthright answers
  • Ensuring spending is consistent with the terms of the donor's designation
  • Managing unrestricted funds to provide the greatest benefit for the University
  • Acting as custodian for endowed gifts
  • Serving in legal capacities for planned giving arrangements

If you have questions about University of Oregon Foundation, please feel welcome to contact us at 541.302.0300 or info@uofoundation.org.