Board of Trustees

The Foundation Trustees have a long history of supporting and assisting the University of Oregon through fiduciary accountability for Foundation assets representing donated funds. This requires that each trustee act in accordance with the legal standards of care, loyalty and obedience and is expected to keep the welfare of the Foundation and the University at all times paramount so that the donors to the University are protected and well served.

Foundation Trustees:
  • Act as a responsible fiduciary, ensuring management of the Foundation and adhering to practices of good governance
  • Advance the mission of the University of Oregon
  • Uphold the integrity of the Board
Statement of Governance and Trustee Responsibilities


2017-2018 Board Officers

Board Chair: James W. Shephard '80
Board Chair Elect: Steven A. Raymund '78
Secretary/Treasurer: Joan B. Siegel '84


Andrew S. Berwick, Jr. '55
Timothy "Tim" W. Foo '68
Sue L. Fuller '71
John R. Harrison '77
Oystein Harsvik '88
Thomas Hartfield '75
Tinker L. Hatfield '77
Renee J. James, '86
Abbott J. Keller '72
Christopher N. Leupold, '89
J. Douglas McKay '59
Carey A. McNally, '79
Ronald A. Sauer '80
Julie A. Schlendorf '90
Joan B. Siegel '84
Kenneth M. Singer
Sondria L. Stephens '88
Susan F. Stevens '72
Julie N. Stott '77
David B. Taylor '78
Vicki J. Toyohara-Mukai '80

International Trustees

Richard Seow '83
James W. Shephard '80
Anthony "Tony" S. O. Wong '76

Trustees Emeriti

Arthur C. Carmichael, Jr. '62
Ehrman V. Giustina '42
John H. Herman '60
Gwendolyn H. Lillis, PhD.
Lorry I. Lokey
Brian B. Obie
David M. Petrone '66, MBA '68
Gretchen Pierce '66
Hope Hughes Pressman '42, MS '72
Vinton H. Sommerville '58
David G. Sparks '66
Donald E. Tykeson '51
Norman R. Walker '66