The Gift Process

Every year, the University of Oregon Foundation processes more than 20,000 gifts of all sizes. We value every gift and handle each one professionally and efficiently and will hold in confidence the details of your giving and other information you provide. Our ultimate goal is to fulfill our legal and ethical responsibilities for the acceptance, investment and distribution of your gifts. Depending on the gift, we complete some or all of the following steps:

We provide a gift agreement or letter of intent. These documents outline the purpose, form, schedule and administration of the gift. Gift administrative provisions are available here.

We convert gifts to cash. Non-cash gifts are converted to cash as soon as practically and prudently possible.

We place the gift in a designated fund. To ensure spending according donor direction, a separate fund is established when a gift's purpose is sufficiently distinct.

We send a receipt. We send a written acknowledgment for every gift in accordance with IRS regulations.

We apply applicable fees. A one-time gift fee, up to 5%, is charged to support University Advancement. Additionally, all endowments are assessed a quarterly administrative fee. These fees do not affect the portion of your donation considered a charitable donation for IRS receipting and university giving totals.

We invest the monies. The UO Foundation Board of Trustees approves guidelines to invest gift monies in programs that match the return and risk profiles with the designated purpose for the gift.

We disburse funds to the University of Oregon. The UO Foundation disburses funds as requested by the university after we confirm the requested spending matches the donor's designated purpose.

  • For endowed gifts, cash is available for spending based on the UO Foundation Board-approved distribution rate, currently 4%, for the designated purpose.
  • Expendable gifts are immediately available for university spending.