Financial Overview

The UO Foundation manages gifts of all types and sizes, with a financial focus on managing major gift endowments. Endowments are invested both to provide an annual distribution to support current university activities and to achieve a long-term growth rate that preserves the purchasing power of the endowments. In this way, endowments benefit both the current and the future generations.

We are committed to following the highest standards of service and ethical conduct when managing private gifts for the benefit of the university.


2015-2016 Performance Highlights

As of June 30, 2016

Total assets 
$1.15 billion, a 6.2% increase

Endowment value (Willamette Investment Pool) 

$753 million, a 6.7% total increase (returns, plus cash gifts, minus distributions)

Distributions made available for spending 
$18 million from true endowments (based on December 31, 2014 market value)

Total university support
$110 million

Total gifts
$126 million