Accounting Services

The UO Foundation receives private gifts to benefit the University of Oregon and disburses all funds in accordance with donor intent. 

Disbursement Forms 

To request funds, please complete one of the following forms:

  • Transfer Check Disbursement Request (TCDR, Word form): Use a TCDR to request a funds transfer from the UO Foundation to UO Cashiers, including:
    • Furniture and equipment purchases made by university employees that are greater than $5,000, or high-risk equipment
    • Employee awards, salaries, or other taxable benefits for UO employees

  • Check Disbursement Request (CDR): Use this form for reimbursement for personal payment, and all other payments not listed above. Word form.

  • Scholarships: Student awards, scholarships and student travel are paid by Electronic Resource Aid Requisition through the UO Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

  • Please note, reimbursements are not permitted for: campus parking, key deposits, fines and tickets


  1. Complete the TCDR (Word form) or CDR form 
  2. Attach all related invoices and receipts 
    • If any expenses greater than $75 are not accompanied by a receipt, please complete a missing receipt affidavit
    • Receipts must be submitted within six months for reimbursement
  3. Obtain a signature from an authorized signer for the fund listed
    • Please note, when paying a reimbursement to an individual who is an authorized signer, the signature of another authorized signer is required 
  4. If the expenses include travel, food or entertainment, complete a Travel and Entertainment log (Word form)
  5. If the requested payment is to an individual for personal services, please include a Personal Services Confirmation 
  6. Submit all requests to: 

UO Foundation Accounting Services 
Ford Alumni Center
1720 E 13th Avenue, Suite 410
Eugene, OR 97403

Payment Schedule

Check disbursements are processed twice weekly. This schedule is subject to change. Revisions to the schedule will be announced as far in advance as possible. 

  • Requests received by 5:00 p.m. Thursday will be paid the following Wednesday
  • Requests received by 5:00 p.m. Monday will be paid on the following Friday

Please note, payments greater than $250,000 require an additional two weeks of processing time.

Please review the FY 2017 End Deadline Memo for important dates regarding fiscal year 2017 transactions.

Supplemental Forms

If applicable, a requester may be required to complete one or more of the following forms in order to complete a transfer or disbursement 

Missing Receipt Affidavit 
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification 
Signature Verification and Account Information Access 
Transfer Between Foundation Funds Request
Request to Close a Fund


Please contact the UO Foundation at 541.302.0300 or UO Foundation Accounts Payable