Accounting Services

 The UO Foundation receives private gifts to benefit the University of Oregon and disburses all funds in accordance with donor intent.

Fiscal Year End Procedures

Information regarding the Foundation's 2022 fiscal year end procedures can be found here

Disbursement Guidelines

To request funds, please complete one of the following forms:

  • Transfer Check Disbursement Request, TCDR,  (word form): Use a TCDR to request a funds transfer from the UO Foundation to UO Cashiers, including:

    • Furniture and equipment purchases made by university employees that are greater than $5,000 or high-risk equipment;

    • Employee awards, salaries, or other taxable benefits for UO employees.

  • Check Disbursement Request, CDR,(Word form): Use this form for reimbursement of personal payment, and all other payments not listed above.

    • Scholarships: Student awards, scholarships, and student travel are paid by Electronic Resource Aid Requisition through the UO Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

    • Please note, reimbursements are not permitted for campus parking, key deposits, fines, and tickets.

Quasi-Endowed Funds: Quasi fund monies are available for spending, with the expectation that monies will be spent over a period long enough to justify investment risk. Withdrawals larger than $250,000 must be requested one quarter in advance to ensure appropriate time to liquidate investments. Please note liquidations beyond calculated quarterly distributions are subject to timing of market risk. A quasi-endowed fund should not be considered similar to a checking account, therefore submission of several small liquidation requests is strongly discouraged. Forecasting to request necessary amounts in total is appreciated. 


  • Complete the TCDR (Word form) or CDR (Word form) forms.

  • Attach all related invoices and receipts.

    • If the expense amount is between $25 and $75, a credit card receipt will suffice as appropriate documentation in lieu of an itemized receipt. If a credit card receipt does not exist, a bank statement or other form of documentation must be submitted to support proof of purchase. In the event there is no documentation to support proof of purchase for the expense, then a missing receipt affidavit is required.

    • Please complete a missing receipt affidavit if any expenses greater than $75 are not accompanied by a receipt.

    • Receipts must be submitted within six months for reimbursement.

  • Obtain a signature from an authorized signer for the fund listed.

    • Please note that when paying a reimbursement to an individual who is an authorized signer, the signature of another authorized signer is required.                

  • Complete a Travel and Entertainment log (Word form) if the expenses include travel, food, or entertainment.

  • Please include a Personal Services Confirmation if the requested payment is to an individual for personal services.

  • Submit your request electronically to

Payment Schedule

Effective 8/1/2022, the UO Foundation will issue paper checks on the first and third Wednesday of each month. We will no longer issue paper checks on a weekly basis.

We will continue to issue ACH (direct deposit) payments weekly, on Wednesdays. If you would like to sign up for ACH payments, please contact us at and include "AP ACH set up" in the subject line of your email.

This schedule is subject to change, revision to the schedule will be announced as far in advance as possible. 

Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of disbursement requests. Accordingly, disbursement requests received by Monday at 5:00 pm will be paid the following week on Wednesday. This allows six business days for review and processing. We appreciate your patience.

Supplemental Forms


For any questions, please contact the UO Foundation at  
or call