Advancement Services

Advancement Services is comprised of the Gift Services and Records Management departments within the University of Oregon Foundation and is committed to helping steward each gift made to the University of Oregon. We provide an array of services which begins with donor records maintenance and follows the gift through processing and acceptance, fund creation and management, and donor acknowledgement. The Foundation is the delegated authority to accept gifts on behalf of the University of Oregon and has administrative responsibility for all private charitable contributions to the university. We strive to ensure prompt, accurate processing and acknowledgement for all contributions.

Records Management

Records Management oversees the organizing, updating, and verifying of all information associated with an entity (name, address, employer, relationships, and entity type-e.g. student, alumnus, or parent). It is the first step for all received items, including gifts, pledge payments, address corrections, and name changes. The information provided is used for the purpose of correctly allocating, crediting, and acknowledging gifts. We do not trade, sell, or share any personal information

Gift Services

Gift Services accepts and receipts all charitable gifts in support of the University of Oregon. Charitable gifts are monies or other tangible assets given irrevocably with few or no specified conditions. Every year, the University of Oregon Foundation Gift Services team processes more than 40,000 gifts of all sizes. We are responsible for ensuring the integrity of gift data recorded and stored on our donor database. The University of Oregon Foundation is committed to respecting the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us by our constituents. The information provided when a gift is made will be used for the purpose of correctly allocating, crediting, and acknowledging the gifts as well as donor, departmental, and institutional reporting.

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