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University of Oregon Foundation

Board of Trustees

The Foundation Board of Trustees has a long history of supporting and assisting the University of Oregon through fiduciary accountability for Foundation assets representing donated funds. This requires that each Trustee act in accordance with the legal standards of care, loyalty, and obedience and keeps the welfare of the Foundation and university paramount at all times so that donors are protected and well served. Foundation Trustees:

  • Act as a responsible fiduciary, ensuring management of the Foundation and adhering to practices of good governance.

  • Advance the mission of the University of Oregon.

  • Uphold the integrity of the Board.


Bob Komin, Board Chair

Frederic Poust, Secretary & Treasurer

Lisa Vance, Board Chair Elect

Susan Stevens, Immediate Past Chair


Jeffrey Beaver

Greg Bell

Derrick Deadwiler

Tonya Dressel

Corey duBrowa

Leyla Farah

David Haslip

Tom Hui

Derek Jernstedt

Desmond Lynch

Karen Mak

Allen Parker

Bob Poletti

Merritt Richardson

Monique Sanvitale

Ronald Sauer

Jennifer Savage

Kenneth Singer

Julie Stott

Todd Underwood

Bryan Wolf

Tracy Wong

Trustees Emeritus 

Arthur Carmichael, Jr.

Cheryl Ford

John Herman

Gwendolyn Lillis

Brian Obie

David Petrone

Vinton Sommerville

David Sparks

Norman Walker

To nominate a candidate that you believe would be a strong asset to the UO Foundation's Board of Trustees, please complete the Trustee Nomination Form below.

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