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  • Our Team | UO Foundation

    Our Team Executive Team Paul Weinhold President & CEO Mindi Pardy Executive Assistant & Board Liaison Financial Services Amy Loper Accountant Cindy Rogers Gifts & Records Specialist Janice Lutz Accounts Payable Specialist Kevin Swanson Accountant I MaryAnn Swanson Senior Gift Accountant & Analyst Sally Miles Accounting Specialist Vickie Bradstreet Gifts & Records Specialist Benjamin Griffin Gifts & Records Analyst Colby Sticka AP Accounting Specialist Karen Schmidt-MacKenzie Gifts & Grants Admin. Coordinator Liliya Benz Gifts & Records Manager Robert Wilson Gifts & Records Analyst Shanna Bennett Senior Accountant Carlee Haugen Controller Donna Vanderpool Accounts Payable Specialist Kelly Bosch Chief Financial Officer Lisa Thalhamer Deferred & Complex Gifts Administrator Ryann Grove Gifts & Records Analyst Trish Morgan Gifts & Records Analyst Technology Services Aaron Schnabel Senior Software Engineer David Pritchard Systems Administrator Joel McCall Data Analyst Orion Wesson Applications Developer Brian Ikei VP of Technology Services Gerald Deas Data Analyst John Callahan Director of Technology Rob Fightmaster Data Engineer Clint McNutt Data Engineer Jeff Wilson Applications Developer John Dencklau IT Support Specialist People Services Cheri Minick VP of People Services Katy Shaw Senior Project Manager Michelle Schaffer Customer Service Associate Drew Haugen Corporate Support Specialist I Kiva Loughrey Corporate Support Specialist II Sandra Anderson Director of Operations Katie Lively Business Analyst I Lucy Moore Business Analyst/Project Manager Skyler Arruda Communications Specialist Innovation Services Nate Costa Director of Business Development, Launch Oregon

  • Financial Statements | UO Foundation

    Financial Statements The University of Oregon Foundation's most recent audited financial statement and tax return are available as indicated below. For more information, please contact Chief Financial Officer Kelly Bosch at . Audited Financial Reports 2023 Audited Financial Report - 2022 Audited Financial Report - 2021 Audited Financial Report - 2020 Audited Financial Report - 2019 Audited Financial Report - 2018 Audited Financial Report - 2017 Audited Financial Report - 2016 Audited Financial Report - 2015 Audited Financial Report - 2014 Audited Financial Report - Available Upon Request University of Oregon Foundation IRS Form 990 Tax Return University of Oregon Foundation Supporting Organization IRS Form 990 Tax Return Additional Resources W9 Form - IRS Determination Letter -

  • Give Online | UO Foundation

    Mission The University of Oregon Foundation supports the mission of the University of Oregon by receiving, investing, and disbursing private gifts given to the university. As a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, the UO Foundation maximizes private gifts for the university’s benefit in accordance with donor intent. Make a Gift Ways to Give About FAQ What We Do Receive, Manage and Distribute Funds The Foundation’s primary role is to receive, manage and distribute funds. When donors give to the university, the gift is collected by the Foundation, where it is prudently managed until requested by the university for purposes that align with donors’ intent. ​ Learn more about the relationship between the university, donors and the Foundation . Collaboration with University Partners The Foundation collaborates with various departments across campus in a variety of ways, including creation of gift agreements, management of deferred and complex gifts, and stewardship of donor funds for appropriate spending, among others. Trustee Excellence Fund Created in May 2015, the Trustee Excellence Fund is overseen by the Foundation Board of Trustees’ Advancement Committee to support emerging and impactful opportunities at the University of Oregon. The Trustee Excellence Fund promotes academic excellence by issuing awards to university students, staff, faculty and programs based upon evaluation of proposals submitted to the committee. To date, the Trustee Excellence Fund has awarded $713,300 to campus partners in support of academic excellence at the University of Oregon. Make a Gift 2023 Campus Endowment Distributions Gifts made to the UO Foundation have a direct impact on the university that is felt across campus. In fiscal year 2023, the Foundation distributed a total of $41 million to the University of Oregon. $14.76 million Student Scholarships $11.82 million Faculty & Research $10.18 million Student Academic & Operational Support ​ $4.24 million Other University Support Celebrating 100 Years A statement from our President & CEO, Paul Weinhold Milestone anniversaries will always draw attention. One hundred years deserves so much more. When I imagine where the Foundation started in 1922, I am struck by the magnitude and importance of the Foundation today. With assets exceeding $3 billion, the University of Oregon Foundation is a meaningful contributor to the financial health and wellbeing of the university, its faculty, students and staff. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this organization and witness firsthand the impact it has on the University of Oregon. ​ Stewardship is an important theme for our staff. We recognize that each one of us plays a vital role and that our roles are temporary in comparison to the longevity of the Foundation. While today we are celebrating one hundred years of service, we are proud that the Foundation will be here for hundreds of years to come, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we leave the organization in a better place for those who will come after us. Leading with our values of Trust, Integrity, Commitment and Respect in every action and interaction has been integral in remaining good stewards of the assets we manage on behalf of donors and the university. The Foundation is legally separate from the University of Oregon, but we exist to serve the university and its donors. The partnership we share with our colleagues at the university is strong and we are aligned. The financial success and growth of the endowment is due in large part to this incredible partnership, the generosity of our donors and a commitment to helping the university continue on the path of excellence. The Trustees of the Foundation are and have been the organization’s guiding lights. In the years I have been here, the generosity and commitment of Foundation Trustees has been inspiring and we are all grateful for their guidance, passion and support. Like the staff at the Foundation, our Trustees are devoted to doing what is right and making the organization better. I can say with confidence that the ethos present in the Trustees who are currently serving is consistent with those who have served over the last one hundred years. The Foundation is healthy and strong at 100 and the future is very bright for decades to come. I am proud to share this remarkable milestone with you. Thank you for your continued support of the Foundation and the University of Oregon. Paul Weinhold President/CEO

  • Job Opportunities | UO Foundation

    Job Opportunities Thank you for considering career opportunities with the University of Oregon Foundation. We invite you to learn more about us and to find out if our mission and values are in line with yours. We are a diverse group of individuals with shared values in common: trust, respect, integrity, and commitment. Our mission and passion are to partner with the University of Oregon; we are devoted entirely to receiving, investing, and administering gifts for the benefit of the university. If this resonates with you, we invite you to explore the possibilities of becoming part of the Foundation team. Current Job Opportunities The Foundation is not currently hiring. Please check back for future opportunities! Information on the Foundation The University of Oregon Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is committed to cultural diversity and compliance with EOE. The Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of any attribute protected by federal or state laws. Please contact our office if you need reasonable accommodation in the application process. We participate in E-Verify, and are committed to non-discrimination. For more information see Right to Work and E-Verify Participation . ​ Falsification of any information in the application process will be deemed grounds to reject a candidate or to terminate employment if already hired. The employment relationship is strictly voluntary and at-will on both sides and may be terminated by either the individual employee or the Foundation at any time, with or without cause or prior notice, except as prohibited by law. ​ For more information on the Foundation's Core Values and Relationship Between the University, Donors, and the Foundation , visit our about page.

  • Investment Management | UO Foundation

    Investment Management The UO Foundation is committed to careful stewardship of private gifts in support of the University of Oregon. ​ The Foundation's Board of Trustees has fiduciary responsibility for the investment of the Foundation's assets, including the allocation of funds to various asset classes and the engagement of professional investment managers. Currently, the Foundation's Investment Committee oversees the investment program in accordance with established guidelines approved by the Foundation's Board of Trustees. The overall investment objective of the Foundation is to (i) provide an annual distribution for endowments to support designated university activities as determined by the Board of Trustees, and (ii) to achieve a long-term growth rate that maintains the purchasing power of the assets, as measured by the consumer price index. ​ Effective July 1, 2021, the Foundation moved to an outsourced investment management model in an effort to boost risk adjusted returns and create additional fiduciary safeguards. The relationship with Jasper Ridge Partners is managed by members of our leadership team and our Investment Committee, which consists of Foundation Trustees with strong financial and investment management skills. ​ Jasper Ridge Partners manages approximately $34 billion in assets for select families, endowments, foundations, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds. They have a team of nearly 100 investment and operations professionals managing multiclass asset and diversified portfolios, as well as tailored, asset-class specific mandates. ​ The UO Foundation currently manages over $2.8 billion of assets, including gifts made to endowed funds, expendable funds and deferred gifts. ​ Expendable Funds : Gifts to expendable funds are immediately available for spending at the request of the UO; therefore, the investment approach emphasizes preservation of capital—highest possible return with low risk. Deferred Gifts: Deferred gifts are managed individually, rather than pooled, because each is unique in terms of payout rate and investment horizon. This strategy allows a variety of asset allocation options to be utilized to best satisfy donor needs. Endowed Funds The Foundation's endowment portfolio consists of donor funds invested to support the educational mission of the University of Oregon in perpetuity. These funds are invested to support students, faculty, research, academic programming and facilities as follows: Endowment Funds by Purpose Student Scholarships 30% Academic Support 23% Facilities 1% Other UO Support 46% As of June 30, 2023, the endowment reached a market value of $1.47 billion. Gifts to the endowment are pooled together in a fund of one investment vehicle structure and referred to as the Villard Investment Pool (VIP). The strategy of the VIP asset portfolio focuses on varied traditional and nontraditional investment opportunities. ​ The VIP is also diversified across underlying management sectors, risk factors, and liquidity characteristics. The diversification minimizes risk for any given level of expected return and earns incremental expected return by committing prudently to illiquid assets. Endowment Asset Allocation (as of June 30, 202 3 ) Private Equity/Venture Capital 33.7% Hedge Funds 17.6% Public Equity 22.4% Fixed Income 14.1% Real Assets 6.9% Cash & Other Assets 5.4% The VIP's investments are subject to various risk factors including market, credit, and industry risk. Market risk represents the potential loss in value of financial instruments caused by movements in market variables, such as interest rates. Other risks affecting these investments include, but are not limited to, increasing competition, rapid changes in technology, and changes in economic conditions. While portfolio diversification can reduce idiosyncratic risk, overall market risk cannot be eliminated. The audited financial statements include more details about the Foundation’s endowment portfolio and other investments. ​ Through endowed funds, the ongoing generosity of donors multiplies and sustains opportunities for countless generations to come. The Foundation is proud to be a trusted partner in connecting and supporting donors and the University of Oregon. Endowment Investment Performance — Villard Investment Pool The endowment's performance is designed to be consistent, stable, and less dependent on any one type of investment or any one particular economic environment. Greater focus is placed on generating consistent returns measured over longer periods of time. The ultimate objective is to first protect, then perform, and finally, as a result, provide to the university. Endowment Returns (as of June 30, 2023 ) 10.1% 11.3% 9.4% 5.9% 9.2% 10.3% 5.0% 8.6% 6.7% 7.7% 5.5% 2.5% 0.9% -2.6% -1.8% Since JRP (6/30/2021) Trailing 1 Year Trailing 3 Years Trailing 5 Years Trailing 10 Years 6.1% VIP CPI+5% 60/40 Global Portfolio 7.6% VIP VIP represents the endowment portfolio, formerly known as Willamette Investment Pool (WIP) through 6/30/2021, until investment management was outsourced. It is now called the Villard Investment Pool (VIP). 60/40 The 60/40 benchmark consists of the the weighted average of iShares MSCI ACWI ETF at 60% and iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF at 40%, geometrically linked monthly. Global Portfolio Beginning as of June 30, 2021, a comparison is shown to the Global Portfolio, a benchmark which initially consisted of 70% equity (iShares MSCI ACWI ETF), 25% fixed income (iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF), and 5% cash, geometrically linked monthly and with portfolio weights set as of June 30, 2021 (the inception date). The Global Portfolio is a floating allocation structure and consequently the weights do not rebalance but instead change with the market prices of the underlying securities. As of June 30, 2023, the weights of the Global Portfolio were: 72.0% equities, 23.2% fixed income, and 4.9% cash. Spending Policy The amount of university support provided by endowed funds each year is determined according to the Board approved spending policy, currently ~4%. The Foundation's spending policy is at the heart of our prudent management of private gifts. It strikes a balance between the conflicting goals of providing substantial support for current operations and preserving long-term purchasing power. Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors Jasper Ridge Partners (JRP), the Foundation's investment managers, employ a comprehensive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy throughout the lifespan of each investment decision. This strategy is embedded within the Foundation's Investment Policy, which is approved by our Board of Trustees' Investment Committee annually and governs the Foundation's investment portfolio. ​ The information below is comprised of excerpts from Jasper Ridge Partners' ESG policy. In 2014, the Foundation was the first Pac-12 institution to establish a policy specific to fossil fuel extraction, and we have committed to making no new direct investments in fossil fuel extraction. Currently, less than 5% of the Foundation’s direct holdings are invested in fossil fuel extraction and all remaining direct investments will expire by 2027. ESG at Jasper Ridge Principles A core part of the JRP ethos is a commitment to acting in the long-term interests of our stakeholders. We believe that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors affect investment and business risks and opportunities. Considerations ESG considerations relevant to our business and investments are wide-ranging. Examples of factors that we may consider include: Environmental Climate change Greenhouse gas emissions Natural resource management Energy management Waste management Air and water quality Biodiversity Social Diversity, equity, and inclusion Civil and human rights Health and safety Fair wages and benefits Labor standards Community relations Governance Business ethics and compliance Accounting and tax practices Transparency Board composition and practices Data privacy and security Political activity Shareholder relations Strategy & Approach Jasper Ridge aspires to apply their ESG framework both internally, in the way the company is managed, and externally, in the investments made. Through a commitment to responsible business management and investing, they hold the belief that incorporating ESG factors can help to mitigate risk and enhance outcomes. ​ ESG considerations can affect the performance of investment portfolios to varying degrees across companies, sectors, religions, asset classes, and through time. Jasper Ridge aims to incorporate ESG considerations throughout an investment's lifespan, from decision-making to post-investment monitoring. ​ Beginning in 2022, every new investment presented to our Investment Committee is scored on multiple dimensions, including two ESG-related criteria: ​ Investment Impact: How the investment affects environmental, social, and governance factors; this addresses the positive and negative impact of the investment. ​ ESG Vulnerability: How environmental, social, and governance factors affect the investment; this addresses business risks and financial returns.

  • Gift Planning | UO Foundation

    Gift Planning Gift planning is just that – a carefully considered strategy for giving involving a donor’s overall financial or estate plan. It is a process of charitable, legal, financial, and tax planning that enhances the mission of the University of Oregon at levels previously not thought possible while enabling a donor to address other financial and estate planning issues when making a gift. These deferred gifts are established in the present, yet cash becomes available to the university in the future, for use as specified by the donor. Planned gifts come in a variety of forms and can provide substantial tax benefits. By making an unrestricted gift to the President’s Fund, you can help the university in the areas that are needed most, or you can designate the gift so it helps the college or department you are most passionate about. A gift to an endowment will ensure you play a vital role in the future of the university. A common misconception is that planned gifts are only for the very wealthy. In fact, anybody can engage in strategic planned giving that creates lasting support for the university. While estate planning can often entail difficult decisions, it does provide peace of mind in knowing what your legacy will be. Ways to Make a Planned Gift Include the University of Oregon in your will or trust Gifts from a will or living trust are among the most common and most impactful planned gifts. Make a gift and receive income If you’ve ever wanted to make a significant gift to the UO, but didn’t want to sacrifice potential income from the gifted assets, a “life income gift” might be right for you. Retirement plan assets Qualified retirement plan assets are popular planned gift vehicles due to the unique tax advantages they present and the ease with which a donor can update disbursement instructions. Gifts that pass outside of a will Retirement accounts, life insurance policies, bank accounts, and donor-advised funds can pass outside of a will or trust, making planned giving flexible and cost effective. Life insurance gifts In addition to ensuring the financial well-being of your loved ones, a life insurance policy is a powerful philanthropic tool for you; moreover, the gift arrangement can often be made with little or no additional long-term costs to you. More Information For more information about gift planning, please call 800.289.2354 or 541.346.1687 , or visit the University Office of Gift Planning online.

  • Board of Trustees | UO Foundation

    Board of Trustees The Foundation Board of Trustees has a long history of supporting and assisting the University of Oregon through fiduciary accountability for Foundation assets representing donated funds. This requires that each Trustee act in accordance with the legal standards of care, loyalty, and obedience and keeps the welfare of the Foundation and university paramount at all times so that donors are protected and well served. Foundation Trustees: ​ Act as a responsible fiduciary, ensuring management of the Foundation and adhering to practices of good governance. ​ Advance the mission of the University of Oregon. ​ Uphold the integrity of the Board. Officers Susan Stevens, Board Chair Jeffrey Beaver, Secretary & Treasurer Bob Komin, Board Chair Elect Trustees Greg Bell Derrick Deadwiler Tonya Dressel Corey duBrowa Leyla Farah David Haslip Renee James Derek Jernstedt Desmond Lynch Karen Mak Allen Parker Bob Poletti Frederic Poust Merritt Richardson Monique Sanvitale Ronald Sauer Jennifer Savage Kenneth Singer Julie Stott Lisa Vance Bryan Wolf Trustees Emeritus Arthur Carmichael, Jr. Cheryl Ford John Herman Gwendolyn Lillis Brian Obie David Petrone Vinton Sommerville David Sparks Norman Walker To nominate a candidate that you believe would be a strong asset to the UO Foundation's Board of Trustees, please complete the Trustee Nomination Form below. Trustee Nomination Form

  • News | UO Foundation

    Foundation News KLCC's Oregon Rainmakers: Paul Weinhold Foundations are integral to raising money for nonprofits and institutions throughout Oregon as both a primary and secondary source of funding. For the largest such organization in our state – the University of Oregon Foundation, the charge is to steward more than $3 billion toward the state’s marquee institution of higher learning. Read More Launch Oregon takes startups to new heights To smooth the way for University of Oregon researchers on the journey from eureka moment to successful business, the UO and the University of Oregon Foundation have jointly established Launch Oregon, LLC. Read More

  • Securities Held by Broker | UO Foundation

    Back to Gifts of Securities ​​Stock Certificates Held by Broker Electronic Stock Transfers There is a reasonable chance that the Foundation already has an existing account with your brokerage firm. The stock transfer can take place within that firm, from the donor to the Foundation account. If there is no Foundation account set up at the brokerage, then you should ask your broker to transfer stock to one of the Foundation's brokers. Since transfer instructions may change from year to year, be sure your broker contacts us before the transfer is made to prevent any potential problems with the transfer. To ensure proper credit of your gift, please notify us in advance of any electronic transfers of securities by completing the online Stock Transfer Form. The information you provide should include a description of the securities donated, the number of shares of stock or face amount of bonds, your name, address, phone number and e-mail address if available. The gift valuation date is the date that the stock is received in the Foundation's account. Online Stock Transfer Form Questions For more information, please contact our stock gifts team at or call 541.302.0300 .

  • Gifts of Securities | UO Foundation

    Gifts of Securities Gifts of appreciated marketable stocks have been considered the ‘best value’ in charitable giving. When you contribute appreciated securities that you have held for longer than one year, in addition to a charitable contribution tax deduction, you are generally able to avoid paying capital gains tax on the increase in value of the assets. We liquidate gifts of stock as quickly as possible to preserve value. The proceeds, minus any broker fees/commissions, are allocated according to donor direction. To make your gift, and to ensure that you receive proper acknowledgement and documentation, please refer to our detailed instructions on transferring the following types of assets: Securities held by broker — electronic transfer Stock certificates you hold — physical transfer We recommend that you consult your tax adviser for more information regarding the gift tax and income tax results of such gifts as they apply to your specific situation. The Foundation does not provide donors with individual tax advice. If you would like to discuss the potential use of your gift of securities, please contact the university development staff member in your area of interest, email University Advancement at or call 541.346.2113 . To make a gift via stock, please complete the Stock Transfer Form and provide your broker with the following information: ​ Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. Operations: (877) 594-2578 DTC #: 0164 Account Name: University of Oregon Foundation Account Number: 8992-3607 If you have questions about transferring securities, or need more information on gifts of mutual funds, bonds or closely-held stock, please contact our Stock Gift team at or call Administrative Services at 541.302.0300 . Online Stock Transfer Form

  • Member Page | UO Foundation

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  • Endowed Gifts | UO Foundation

    Endowed Gifts Some of the most effective and far-reaching gifts are those that create endowments. Endowed funds are critical to the financial stability of the University of Oregon by providing both a current and future revenue stream that lasts in perpetuity. The Board approves an annual distribution amount that is made available for spending while the balance remains invested within a pool of similar funds to maximize returns with a prudent level of risk. The goal is to provide a relatively stable revenue stream to the university while maintaining the purchasing power of the endowment over time. Learn more about the Foundation's endowment investment performance . Creating an Endowment An endowment can be created through an outright gift or pledge, through a bequest in a will, or through a life income gift such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust. An endowment is eligible for distribution once either the original values of all gifts or the market value on December 31 meets the minimum funding level at the time the endowment was established. Distributions begin the following fiscal year (July - June). If you are interested in establishing an endowed fund, please contact the university development staff member in your area of interest, email University Advancement at or call 541.346.2113 .

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