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Statement of Ethical Values 

The Foundation is committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards. We are trusted by the University and its donors to carry out our mission, to be good stewards of their resources, and to uphold rigorous standards of conduct. The Foundation must earn this trust every day and in every possible way. We acknowledge that in order to merit and preserve this trust we must maintain a shared commitment to our values of trust, respect, integrity, and commitment, and an expectation of ethical and professional conduct in all of our activities. This Statement of Ethical Values and our Standards of Ethical Conduct articulate our core values and ethical standards to provide guidance for the application of these principles in our daily activities. 

Trust – Tell the Truth

Every encounter amongst ourselves and other customers will enhance the trust placed in us. This customer trust results from our confidence in every employee’s capabilities and intentions.

Respect – Be Nice

We treat every individual with dignity and respect, recognizing accomplishments and encouraging a healthy work environment.  

Integrity – Do the Right Thing

Our commitment to integrity means that our proactive pursuit of excellence is conducted with honesty and discipline.

Commitment – Follow Through

Commitment is exhibited through innovation and dedication, allowing us to operate with a vision for long-term success in our mission.

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